Mom of two Mischievous Monkeys: Celebrating Three Years

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Celebrating Three Years

So as I head to bed tonight I am thinking about how when I went to be three years ago not knowing that I would be woken up at 3:30am Nov 4th to my water breaking when I was pregnant with K. To think that once that happened I figured everything would be smooth sailing, after having gone into labor with N and having to have my water broken. I figured this time around things would be easy and was hoping for another nice home birth.

Well, K came into the world with a bang and gave us a good idea of how she was to be. N came into the world in nice gentle, way and K had to make things interesting. After midwives came to the house about 2 hours after water breaking and no sign of ANY contractions they checked heartbeat. Given that it was low off we went to the hospital. Things were much the same there so I was set up for monitoring and found out I would not be going home.

I must mention that when the midwives showed up I was not in a good frame of mind and was telling them the baby was not allowed to be born on that day. You see, K shares a birthday with my Mom whom I don't have the best relationship with and I was quite frustrated disturbed to be in labor and was denying that this baby was to be born that day. I was induced (tried herbal induction which stopped the few contractions I was having) so the IV was hooked up (this was not a good experience as my blood vessels are so small) and I was induced. Labor started with a bang and shortly after K's heart rate went really low and recovered a few tims so a code pink was called and decision was made to go to surgery for stat C-section.

At this point the midwives were arguing over letting me go with a different doctor than the one paged and I was so pissed at them. They were filling in for the midwife that had delivered N and was currently on vacation. Needless to say we did not get along well.

Once into surgery K was doing fine was the IV was taken out and was born by C-section around 8:30am. Turns out the cord was stretched along her neck so each time there was a contraction her heart rate would go down. She was perfectly fine and I was so happy with my little girl. Although slightly confused about who's baby she was and how she was born. When I came out from recovery my friend was holding her and I asked her whose baby she

I blame all that on the C-section, which threw me for a loop and took a while to recover from.

BTW-two weeks from now will mark the last time my mom and I talked. I celebrate K's birthday tomorrow and while it still hurts about my mom, I celebrate the day my little princess was born..It is HER day!

3 years later and our precious princess continues to challenge and amaze us. She is so adventuresome and has a hard time sitting still and a smile to melt your heart. 

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