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Thursday, October 20, 2011

Silly Me

So I had mentioned before that my husband has had a horrible cough which has been keeping me up at night. Well, the other night was particularly bad and he had been trying to sleep downstairs but was feeling lonely so came upstairs. K was already sleeping in our bed with me as she goes to bed between 9-11 at night so I just take her with me. She does not sleep through the night usually without someone with her. Hopefully one day this will change....

Anyway while talking to a friend the next day I found myself complaining that I hadn't gotten any sleep due to the coughing fits J was having and that of course there was K nicely sleeping through the whole thing without even noticing. Like I was mad at her or something. Well, my friend nicely pointed out of course she slept through it, she couldn't likely hear it. That snapped me back to reality I guess, and I realized that yes, that is why K didn't wake up, the hearing loss!

Talk about a guilty moment on my part as realized that I had just totally forgotten she had hearing loss. One would think after almost three years of dealing with this on a daily basis one wouldn't do this..It was just a lapse on my part but for a moment wow I really didn't clue in to why she had slept when I hadn' could have been to do with the sleep deprivation.

On another note, we are hoping soon to have a meeting with her preschool, child development support worker and speech therapist to discuss goals and strategies for increasing her language. She is turning three soon and we would LOVE to see her say or sign more than two word rather than the grunting and screaming we have been dealing with lately...

On a GOOD note to end the day K did not pee in her panties at preschool today. Which is good because technically she is supposed to be potty trained to be there and lately well? she is refusing to go and is back to going in diapers all the time. I am only trying to encourage this as we are noticing that being around the other kids is helping her language and social skills so hoping she will soon get back at it. She was mad at having to take off her princess panties today so my husband has just been telling her that is she wants panties than she has to at least try to sit on the potty. I know that she is capable, she has just been stubborn lately so am not pushing her too much as don't want to stress her out, but really don't want to lose the spot especially since it is like more speech therapy and daycare subsidy pays for it. BONUS big time to our budget and hopefully for her progress....


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    Life can be a struggle at times but when you stand back and look upon those precious people in your life, you might as well smile and say it's all worth it :)
    I'm sure K will grow on to learn everything, its only a matter of time!

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