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Monday, October 17, 2011

Manic Monday

I don't know about you but Manic Monday is how I feel about the start of the week...Monday's are always rough for me and after not getting much sleep lastnight..due to my husband hacking and coughing at night it is not helping.

Anyway Monday is the day that of course must start planning the rest of the week and when busy day's start up again after weekend. Well so far, I have already had a call that my daughter's new ear mold are in so I made an appt for my husband and her to go pick them up on Wednesday. She has a field trip tomorrow with her preschool so we will be going to that with her. They are visiting the Fire hall and Art Gallery to make some crafts. And as the Fire Hall will be noisy they would like us to be there as it will be way too loud for her when they set off the sirens so having us there will comfort her a bit. So I took the entire time off from work so can hang out for whole thing.

My husband normally is at Karate on Monday and Thursday and my son at Judo Tuesday and Wednesday so Friday nights are the only FREE night of the week so it is nice to wind down. Thursday night there is a movie night at my son's school that we will likely be going to as long as homework etc is all done. And he is hoping to have a play date on Friday after school with a friend.

The two good things are that a) I discovered that I am off work an hour early today and also knowing that I don't work on Friday and other than speech therapy am free that day. Now I just have to schedule in getting winter tires put on the van and then we are set for the week. I think.

So here is to Manic Monday and hoping that the rest of the week goes smoothly. In an effort to increase my posts I am going to continue to try and check in on Monday's with Manic Monday posts.


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