Mom of two Mischievous Monkeys: Flex Day Friday

Friday, October 21, 2011

Flex Day Friday

So I work 8.5 hrs a day so that I can get a day off every two weeks and today was one of those days. Well, here is what I did today. Even after all this I look forward to at least not being at work.

1.Woke up at 2 am by K screaming so crawled into bed with her, both went back to sleep.
2.Woke up at again at 7:12
3.Check facebook/email
4. Almost wake up N, realize no school so leave sleeping
5.Vacuum living room

6.Start Laundry
7.Wake up rest of family members
8.Get dressed
9.Phone hearing clinic to make appointment to have new impressions taken for K's ear molds
10.J answers phone hearing clinic phoning back with appointment
11.Eat breakfast, feed kids, finish tidying house
12.Speech therapy
14.Drive to pharamacy to drop off prescriptions to pick up later.
15.Stop at Staples to buy day planner refill(of course don't have what need) and check out printers. Thinking about getting laser printer instead of inkjet....
16.Go to appointment at hearing clinic. Strap screaming K into car seat, drive to pharamcy to pick up prescriptions.
17.Go home.
19.Watch Extreme Makeover:Home Edition on PVR from last week
20.Nap for about an hour
21.Found mouse traps and gave to J to set them in garage to catch our furry friend. This happens every year pretty much, they squeeze in through the garage..
22.Head out to mall, grocery store and Value Village. J and I managed to get everything else we needed for our Halloween Costumes (and donated stuff in order to get 20% off what we bought today).
23. Stop and buy milk on way home as remembered getting low.
24.Arrive home and J finds mouse in trap. I close eyes while he places it in bag to dispose..can't stand those creatures..
25.Make dinner as kids are now starving. Annie's Mac and Cheese.
26.Get N to empty dishwasher.
27.Sit down and watch movie.


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  3. I'm exhausted! lol

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