Mom of two Mischievous Monkeys: Don't make a bet with a 9 year old

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Don't make a bet with a 9 year old

It's been awhile since I did this but thinking that I couldn't loose out the other day I made a bet with N. See, we were making lunches and he wanted cheese in his sandwich...I was pretty sure we didn't have any and he kept is how it went:

N: Can I have some white block cheese (mozzarella) cheese in my sandwich?
Me: No, there is none.
N: Yes, there is some in the fridge, I saw it the other day.
Me: Nope, used it up the other day. Feeling very confident at this point knowing I shredded the last of the "block" cheese for tacos the other day.
N: No, Mom really there is some...
Me: Fine, if you can find some then I will give you $5. (really, looking back I should have known I was in trouble)
N: Comes out, saying "see Mom, in this bag"
Me: Nope, that is parmesan cheese, seeing a big piece of it in the bag.
N: No, look at the other piece, right here.
Me: Oh, looks like I owe you $5.
N: Thanks for helping me get more money for another Beyblade
Me: (to myself) Yeah, another Beyblade just what he needs and *note to self no more bets with N* I have to go to bank for $5 as of course when made the bet didn't actually figure I would need it.

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