Mom of two Mischievous Monkeys: Canning

Sunday, October 9, 2011


I decided to take a leap this year and try something I have not done before. I decided to try my hand at canning some fruit. This was spurred by my desire to feed my kids healthy food and by desire to save money. My kids love peaches but during winter months I am shocked when go and buy the canned ones so this was my answer. I went and bought the complete canning kit and soon discovered that is wasn't too difficult and the results were good. I made about 12 jars of peaches. There would have been more but I got sick partway through the process and ended up having to throw out some rotten ones and just freeze a bunch for smoothies.

Today I decided to try my hand at making some apple sauce as a good friend gave me whole bunch of apples picked from her dads trees. This too turned out okay and the below is all I got done today but this is all I had left for jars as well. Because it is Thanksgiving tomorrow the remaining apples will need to wait until I have time again to finish up. I think that the rest will be turned into some apple sauce which I will freeze and a bunch will go for apple pies/crisps and get frozen too. I love having apples already seasoned in freezer with pie crust frozen too so all have to do is thaw and defrost. Another good friend always give me rhubarb as it overgrows in her garden so I always do the same for rhubarb and strawberry pie. I also make up lots of freezer jams, mostly strawberry this time of year too.

Here is a picture of the remaining apples (that is a diaper box from Costco)

Feel free to comment on what types of fruit and veggies your family loves and what you freeze or can as we head into the winter months...

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