Mom of two Mischievous Monkeys: Bananagrams

Friday, September 23, 2011


Okay so I am hoping to score some awesome stuff from Bzz Agent by reviewing products. This latest daily campaign looks neat and I am hoping that I get invited. It is for Bananagrams game. This game looks basically kinda like Scrabble but it has no board, and needs no pens, paper etc. I like this because it makes it more compact, portable, thus taking up less space.

This also makes it more environmental in a way due to the lack of lots of package, pieces that need to be manufactured. From what I see online this is exactly what it is meant to be, a faster crossword type game. My son likes to play board games so hoping to try this out and add to our collection and be able to provide a review on it. Here's hoping that I get invited to this campaign.

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