Mom of two Mischievous Monkeys: Being Sick

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Being Sick

I seriously hate being sick....I have a horrible head cold which is making my head feel like it could explode and my throat is so sore. I was so desperate I tried a nasal rinse which helped a bit and didn't feel as yucky as I thought it would.  And of course I had Friday off work which is the day that we do speech therapy for my daughter and I did a bunch of errands that needed done.

Also my daughter and I had haircuts scheduled that day, but thankfully my friend comes to our house to cut our hair. I love not having to leave my house especially since my daughter would scream whenever we did go to get her hair done and they were doing a horrible job. So Saturday night we went to friends for dinner, even though I had to drag myself out of the house and be social at least I didn't have to cook.  Today I had of course planned the monthly event I host for the hearing loss organization we are involved with as my daughter has hearing loss. The only good thing about this was we took the kids somewhere outdoors so they weren't driving me nuts inside the house and the weather turned out to be really nice. I realized this evening though that I am still so worn out that I called my boss and told him I wouldn't be in tomorrow. So hopefully I can get some rest, oh and also call and get my daughter squeezed in to see the doctor as we think she has an ear infection. Needless to say I cannot wait until I am not sick!

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